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Our Passion is

People + Positive Customer Experiences

Scent Marketing Services That Enhance the Customer Experience

We want to make you the hero in every marketing situation. How do we do that? We make your facility smell good. If it smells good, your customers feel comfortable. They will spend more time in your business because it is inviting. The more time they dwell in one location, the more money they’ll spend: and that just makes scents.

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Who is “It Just Makes Scents”?

Our team is made up of reliable odor control specialists that can help you create
the ultimate customer experience with the power of scent.

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We Are Local

Locally owned and operated, It Just Makes Scents is close by to assist you and keep your property fresh + clean.

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It Just Makes Scents is proudly obsessed with dirty details, and helping our clients in any way possible!

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We Are Experts

More than any other company, It Just Makes Scents understands your issues and finds affordable, premium solutions.

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Create stronger connections
with the power of scent!

our scent marketing & sanitation solutions
will help you reach your goals

What Our Customers are Saying

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