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It Just Makes Scents:
Scent Marketing Services

Scents have the power of persuasion mightier than words, appearances, emotions or will. The persuasive power of scent cannot be fended off, enters us like breath into our lungs, fills us up and infuses us totally. There is no remedy for it.

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we enhance these industries' brand identity with scent marketing

Apartment communities

How can scent marketing help your apartment complex attract new residents?

Improving the scent of your property can create a more inviting space that makes your residents feel welcome. Scent marketing for apartment complexes and condos can also increase conversions, making it so much easier for buyers to say yes to your community!

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healthcare services

Does my healthcare facility need scent marketing?

Studies suggest that scent can have a positive effect by reducing anxiety and creating a more inviting and calming experience for patients and guests. It is important to take a well-balanced approach when using the right scents in healthcare facilities. We can help you find that right balance!

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office spaces

Does my office need scent marketing?

Scent marketing can help increase employee productivity, neutralize unpleasant office odors and improve your brand identity. With a well-balanced scent selection, you can create a great first impression and inviting atmosphere while improving your working environment!


Does my retail space need scent marketing?

Scent marketing is a type of sensory marketing that can help target shopper's sense of smell! With the right scent, you can help create a more memorable, pleasant experience for your shoppers! You can also make your shopping experience more consistent between various retail locations by using the same scent selection!

restaurants + cafes

Does my restaurant or coffee shop need scent marketing?

People sit in coffee shops for hours every single day. By using scents that help create a more enjoyable environment, your restaurant or coffee shop can help turn one time customers into regulars! The more enjoyable your environment is, the more likely people are to return!


Does my gym need scent marketing?

Revitalize your fitness environment and significantly improve the atmosphere of your gym for your customers with the right scent marketing approach. The right scent balance balance can be an invigorating, confidence boosting experience for your clients!

real estate

Will scent marketing help my real estate community?

Scent marketing can help property managers differentiate their properties from other competitors. Scent marketing in the real estate industry can help create a more welcoming, warm, and enjoyable environment for your potential tenants! Make your residents feel at home with the right scent!


Does my hotel need scent marketing?

Scent marketing can be a powerful tool to help hotel managers and owners improve their guest experience throughout their stay. Create an atmosphere that increases hotel reviews, improves customer satisfaction and encourages longer stays from guests!

car dealerships

Does my car dealership need scent marketing?

Every big name brand dealership across the nation has a specific, clean, welcoming scent that is unique to their brand. They want their customers to have a consistent, enjoyable shopping experience, no matter where they are located. The more pleasant the atmosphere, the longer the dwell time. In turn, this can lead to increases in potential buyers at your dealership!

and more

Who all is scent marketing right for?

Scent marketing is a billion-dollar industry that covers a large array of industries. The power of scent can increase retail store sales and increase customer satisfaction. People are 100 times more likely to remember something they smell or something they hear, see, or touch. Scent marketing is a great addition to any business that serves customers and clientele.

Our Revenue Generating Scents

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Do You Want to know

Why should you use scent marketing?

Create Positive Customer Experiences with It Just Makes Scents.  We provide the finest scents, odor neutralizations, disinfecting and sanitizing solutions for any space. We help you reach your business goals by using scent. Contact us to start reaching your goals.

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A great first impression really matters, so target your customer in more ways than one.


Scent marketing has an ability to alter a customer’s emotions, putting them in the mood to spend money.

Increase Dwell Time

Create positive experiences that encourage customers to stay in your store.