Scent Marketing for Apartments

Scent Marketing for Apartments

Many of us spend a lot of time making our apartments look and smell good. You would never host a dinner party in a smelly home, which is why scent marketing is so important.

You may be wondering, what is scent marketing? Realtors have figured out how to create an emotional connection between prospective buyers or renters and the apartments or condos they are looking to buy. 

Thousands of Realtors and other businesses are using the science of scent to influence buying decisions. Because scent is the strongest of the five senses, scent marketing is a powerful tool that can affect your mood, emotions, concentration, and memory.

People recall scents with 65% accuracy after one year and 75% of all day-to-day emotions are generated by smell. This contributes to scent marketing’s growing popularity and success rate. 

Read here to learn how scent marketing can help real estate and apartment owners boost their sales and help prospective buyers find their new homes.  

Why Use Scent Marketing?

Not only does scent marketing increase apartment sales but it also greatly elevates your mood. Many odor control services help you create the inviting atmosphere that is needed to sell your home or rent out your apartment. 

Why are massage parlors and luxury spas so relaxing? Besides the peaceful music and quiet ambiance, these establishments utilize the power of relaxing scent marketing with calming essential oils like lavender and eucalyptus. 

A uniquely scented apartment will stand out from all other apartments your potential renters have looked at. It will subconsciously signify to the client that your apartment has more individuality and is somehow more authentic than other apartments they’ve toured.

What Are the Most Welcoming Scents?

Different scents create different atmospheres. The scent you choose for your apartment or house for sale should complement its style.

Here are some of the most popular scents realtors use.

Types of Scents Used For Scent Marketing


Everyone loves vanilla. You can’t go wrong with this warming and welcoming residential scent. Vanilla has a nostalgic effect on prospective buyers and symbolizes comfort. 

Be aware, however, that although this scent is incredibly friendly, it may not be necessarily unique. 


This earthy scent is spicy, sweet, and sentimental. Cinnamon is used in aromatherapies to relax and calm down excited emotions. 

We suggest using cinnamon for cozy, family-style homes and apartments. This scent does not compliment modern establishments.


Citrus, on the other hand, meshes very well with modern, contemporary apartments and houses. Citrus embodies a sense of cleanliness, which is why most cleaning supplies are either lemon or orange-scented.

Citrus brightens the mood of any buyer and displays a sense of freshness. 


Floral and herbal scents are recommended for bohemian, coastal, and farmhouse-style apartments and houses. Sure, fresh herbs and flowers make your home look great but their scents don’t last for long.

Floral and herbal scents give the fresh impression of newly picked flowers or a fresh, steaming pie just taken out of the oven. They remind the buyer or renter of their childhood home or favorite park and produce the ultimate nostalgia effect. 

What Is the Best Scent to Use When Selling a House?

The scent you use entirely depends on the style of your home. Homes usually indicate stability for your buyer and they are most often purchased by families. 

You will want to use welcoming, kid-friendly scents when selling your house. We recommend using vanilla or cinnamon for scent marketing in your home for sale.

Many property owners use these universal favorite scents and you can’t go wrong with either one. 

Scent Marketing for Apartment Buildings & Complexes

The scent of an establishment makes a great first impression around the board. We guarantee your buyer will choose the property with the best overall scent. 

Because scent greatly influences the decision of your condo or house sale, make sure to put a lot of care and attention into choosing the right scent.

It Just Makes Scents offers scent marketing services to provide property owners and property managers with the necessary tools to successfully get their establishment off of the market. 

Feel free to contact us today to schedule a scent marketing appointment and help sell your next apartment, condo, or house in no time!