Mold Remediation

Maintaining the air quality of your home or business is important for your health, your customer's safety, and your property.

Mold is an easily overlooked problem because it is often invisible. That’s why we thrive on providing homeowners and businesses mold inspection services. Our qualified professionals at It Just Makes Scents identify potential issues and prevent them before a real problem occurs.

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protect you and your business

With years of experience in restoring homes and businesses after mold damage, our remediation team is here to put your mind at ease with our proven mold removal services. 

No matter how large or small the property loss is, our mold damage cleanup and remediation services will quickly and efficiently bring your facility back to normal.

The Difference Between Mold Removal and Mold Remediation

The terms “mold remediation” and “mold removal” are interchangeable. However, achieving the latter is impossible. Since airborne mold spores are microscopic and abound in both the outdoor and indoor environments, it is technically impossible to remove all mold in the atmosphere.
Mold Remediation will remove surface and penetrated mold in your home or business, but cannot promise to remove mold spores from the air.

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Mold is one of the worst contaminants you can find in your home. Though not always visible or easy to spot, it can silently wreak havoc on your property and your loved ones inside. Mold can grow anywhere indoors where there are wet or damp surfaces, including ceilings, wallpaper, wood, drywall, and insulation material. It can begin growing on a wet surface within 48 hours and if left unchecked, can impede your quality of life and put the structure of your home at risk.


A mold problem at your business presents a health threat to you and your employees. If you think your property may have an issue with mold, call us today to schedule an appointment or to discuss any questions you may have. We’re here to help return your business to the clean indoor environment you and your employees deserve.

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